My Ethos

I believe it is important to build all round musicians, not just guitarists, as it will allow you to develop your musical ideas further and help to be the best musicians you can possibly be.

All my lessons are tailored to suit my pupils individual needs, and quite often I make my own worksheets, mostly all available on my website (you will receive the password during your lesson).  

I’m strong believer in learning a strong correct technique,  but I feel that the pupil should dictate how and what they want to play, if they decide that they want to play with pick or fingers, I'm happy to help!


Lesson Times

30 minute lessons

30 minute lessons tend to suit beginners and younger students, as to begin with you're working with simple concepts and songs that just need to repeated to instill the basic concepts of guitar. Longer lessons could potentionally have detrimental effects on younger students, overall a 30 minute lesson is a good start for all beginners!

45 Minute lessons

45 minutes are good for intermediate players, as it gives you a bit more time to work on harder tasks. The lesson length tends to work well for teenagers and upwards, as they can generally focus longer than childen and the extra time can help push on the student. Overall I recomend this lesson length to most students.

1 Hour lessons

1 hour lessons are better suited to advanced players as it gives us time to investigate concepts and techniques, which requires focused practise and often complicated explanations. This is suited to teenagers and older students.

Longer Lessons

Whilst I don't generally teach longer lessons, I'm also happy to discuss potentional times. Often this can be becuase people can't have frequent lessons or they might have a grade/exam coming up.