Before University...

I began studying the Classical Guitar at the age of 8, this was brilliant for my development as it instilled a strong technique and forced me to become a good reader. 

At the age of 14 my Dad bought me my first electric guitar, and I quickly got into Blues and Soul music. When I was 15, I joined the Havering Soul Project, and in my three years with the band I played venues such as the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Barbican in London. 

During this period I also won Havering Strings Musician of the Year, completed my Grade 8 Classical Guitar, and my Grade 5 Theory. 

Before starting University, I took a gap year to work, practice and gig around London with my Rock/Indie band ‘The Penguins,’ playing venues such as Proud and Dublin Castle. 


During and after University...

In 2011 I went to Chichester to study Music, when I initially attended there I was still mainly focused on my Classical studies but after a tutor introduced me to George Benson’s Cookbook album, I switched my focus onto the Jazz discipline. It was this change of focus that introduced me to Jaco Pastorious, which led me onto playing Bass; this change in styles and learning the bass, really helped me to become a well-rounded musician. 

My new musical interests allowed me to mix with a whole new group of local musicians giving me the chance to join bands such as Beatroot, an 8 piece funk band in which I play guitar, and Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons, a Blues/Rock n’ Roll Trio, for which I play bass.



My recent venture has been playing with an Orchestra for a solo concert  consisting of a full String section, 5 horns, Drums, Bass, 2 keyboards, 2 guitars and orchestral percussion, which I co-arranged.

I'm also gigging all over the country with two original bands Beatroot & The Sandwich playing festivals such as Victorious and Cheltenham Jazz Festival, and also popular function band Lady and The Vamp.